Dineke's Portfolio

Ylvie Fros offers coaching and training for people and horses. Site design by Treemail.
Mercadero Mercadero is a professional marketing company operating in the food sector. They specialize in differentiated markets such as speciality, organic, Fair Trade. Site design by Treemail, some basic training in site maintenance.
Security, Development and Forest Conflict

Security, Development and Forest Conflict
Website created on request of ETFRN for a forum on the topic of forests and violent conflict. Before the meeting the website was used to publish background material for the participants. After the meeting the forum was advertised more widely and used to publish papers and presentations online.


The European Tropical Forest Research Network
ETFRN is a European network with a small coordination unit in the Netherlands. dineke has been webmaster of this network since June 2000 until the end of 2007. Since the start the site has grown considerably. The website offers e.g. online and downloadable newsletters, an annotated up-to-date links library and workshop websites. We have also published several CD-Roms, with e.g. worshop results. The design is in need of an update, but the contents is generally highly valued by researchers and other users.

Amazonat Jungle Lodge

Amazonat Jungle Lodge . The original Amazonat site badly needed an overhaul in design, navigation as well as text. We gave the site a totally new look and navigation and thoroughly reviewed the English and Dutch text in 2004. The design was developd further in 2005. Oroginal site design has been replaced. We now have a maintenance contract with Amazonat. Some of the design work done by Treemail.

We have also produced several a promotional CDs for this Brasilian Jungle Lodge.


The Foundation for the Protection and Preservation of the Przewalski Horse
Treemail did the redesign and information structure of the website of this admirable foundation that, with much dedication and hard work, helped to save a wonderful species from extinction. The site contains a lot of information for various user groups, from school children to scientists. The information is based on scientific articles, booklets, leaflets etc, and it was a real challenge to organise these into an accessible structure according to both content as well as depth.

CTA About pages

Dineke has regularly assisted the senior programme coordinator of CTA's Communication Channels and Services Department for 5 years. An example are the about pages. Dineke is also the Agritrade webmaster. Odd jobs apart from regularly adding and updating pages include things like making RSS newsfeeds, designing small databases, checking partner websites.

CTA Agricta Policy Portal
Agricta Policy Portal is a CTA a flat html test site to show regional agricultural policy networks in ACP countries how data from several networks can be integrated into one portal. Design by Treemail.
IPC Groene Ruimte

IPC Groene Ruimte
Site redesign by Treemail. We also assisted IPC Groene Ruimte with the migration of old and new content to a Content Management System and with the implementation of a new site navigation.

This site replaced an earlier version which was also designed and implemented by Treemail.


Site design by Treemail. Several similar designs for Euforic projects were created as well:

EDC 2010
European Development Cooperation 2010
ACP-EU Civil Society Information Network
ACP-EU Civil Society Information Network
Kappa Search Dogs Kappa Search Dogs. Site design by Treemail. Organisation's website no longer exists.
Adda Senta
Our dog Adda Senta has her own website. She is a magnificent Stabijhoun (a Dutch breed of hunting dogs). Site originally created to help people that also have to re-train an adult dog, but gradually turned into a blog. All images used on the site are derived in some way from pictures of Senta.
FSC Objectives FSCObjectives: This e-conference on the future objectives of the Forest Stewardship Council was funded by DfID and organised by Treemail. This e-conference also served as a test case for the development of a joint discussion platform by ETFRN and Euforic. The discussion is not available online anymore, but the website and report still are. The site was designed by Treemail as well.
Kronendak Foundation

The Kronendak Foundation has a small but effective website that describes the work of this private foundation. The design is several years old, but still shows the charm of simplicity.