Website development and maintenance


We have been involved in the development and maintenance of websites since 1997. Our customers are mainly non-profit organisations and small businesses. Many focus on forests, agriculture, development cooperation and research.

See the portfolio for examples

The web is an information medium and hence the emphasis should be on the contents of your website.

The layout of a site, the menu structure, the graphics design must all be oriented towards presenting your information the best possible way. Websites should be easy to navigate and search. I take a profound interest in website usability, without loosing an eye for the design.

How we work

When you are interested in having your site developed by us, I will make an inventory of your objectives, your wishes and your expectations regarding your website. Together we will check their feasibility, taking your budget into account.

We will also make an inventory of the material already available (texts, databases, graphics, house style, logo's), and of material that needs to be developed especially for the website. I can advise you on what you can do yourself and what is best left to specialists. Based on all of this, you will get a workplan and a quotation free of obligations.

If necessary part of the site development can be sub-contracted to specialists, e.g. programmers for database applications or graphic designers. We will be your contact point and remain responsible for the overall development of the site. We do not host websites but can advise you on finding a good provider to host your site if you do not already have one. We will also discuss maintenance of your site.

During the actual development of the site, we will regularly post examples of progress on our site and ask you for comments, so you can keep track of developments. The development is finished when you are happy.


Treemail can maintain and further develop your website on a regular or ad hoc basis. This service is not only for websites developed by us, but for others as well. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.