Final Comments

A dissertation was published entitled Green Gold: on variations of truth in plantation forestry. Prof. J. van Acker commented that the way of uncovering the objective truth is new and certainly complies with scientific criteria. This new method, says Van Acker, and the novel way the subject of professional ethics is treated make that this work is possibly brilliant (Wageningen University Newspaper, January 7, 1999, p7). The dissertation should be the starting point for immediate action by Ministers and Parliament, writes the renowned Prof. Dr. A. Heertje (PvdA Vlugschrift, January 17, 1999). Details on availability and ordering of this work can be found in the books section of the home page.

Following an earlier NOVA program in 1995, there has been a second televised broadcast on Teakwood by NOVA in September 1996. NOVA is -by far- The Netherlands' most respected news commentary program. Viewers were informed that the Flor y Fauna projections had been lowered. The presentation of the dissertation on January 6, 1999, was widely covered by national and regional newspapers, radio and TV.

The Teakwood investment scheme, a joint initiative by Flor y Fauna, WWF and OHRA Insurance and Banking group that was started in 1993, ceased trading. The Netherlands associated press ANP on July 31, 1996, NRC Handelsblad, de Telegraaf, De Volkskrant and Het Financieele Dagblad on August 1, 1996, all reported that OHRA has ceased selling the product. These are the leading Dutch national newspapers and ANP received this news from a press release by OHRA.

The Delta Lloyd/OHRA Insurance and Banking Group announced, on November 2, 1999, that it offers a refund to all its investors in the Teakwood program.