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Overview of current projects

Ornithological research

Bird of prayHustai National Park has an abundant and diverse aviary population. Spectacular are the black vultures, steppe eagles and the many different buzzards and falcons that flock the sky. Other remarkable steppe birds, like demoiselle cranes, black storks and pygme as well as great bustards are also frequently spotted inside Hustai.

Since 2001 the Brehm Fonds (Germany) has provided the financial means (about EUR 47,000.00) for an inventory research of bird life in and around Hustai National Park. The research is executed by Mongolian biologists, who are trained and coached by a Dutch bird expert. In the meantime some 126 different species of birds have been localized and described.

Wolf research

Wolf cubsHustai National Park has a relatively big population of wolves within its boundaries: some estimated 25 to 30 individuals. Not much is know about there way of life. Thanks to Stichting DOEN (EUR 10,000.00), WNF Nederland (EUR 10,000) and Stichting Dierentuinen Helpen (EUR 4,500.00) a comprehensive survey after distribution, habitat use and feeding habits of Hustai's wolves could be initiated in 2003. The Mongolian biologists and a female student from Wageningen University are doing field research. A joint Mongolian-Dutch team of expert supervisors trains the Mongolian staff. In 2004 a publication will follow the outcome of this research