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Management developments

Management developments at Hustai National Park

Privatisation of Hustai National Park

Nothing but a well-managed National Park will guarantee the lasting protection of its viable, freely roaming, population of Przewalski horses.

RangersThe Park's staff have proven themselves very energetic and able stewards of this 50,000 ha large natural reserve. They are helped in this by the local authorities, the Buffer Zone Councils and by the nomadic herdsmen families around Hustai.

A variety of local stakeholders participate in the Buffer Zone Council. The management team of Hustai proposed to privatise the National Park. The year 2003 saw the institution of an independent, non-governmental foundation in accordance with Mongolian legislation. By means of a long-term agreement the Mongolian deputes the managerial responsibilities of Hustai National Park to this new foundation.

The foundation was formed by the Mongolian Association for Nature and Environment (MACNE), the Buffer Zone Council and the Foundation Reserves Przewalski Horse. There are five members on the board. The Mongolian Ministry of Nature and Environment and the three founding parties are entitled to appoint a member each.