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Financial input

Overview of the most important costs and financial contributions

The Foundation financially supports the activities of Hustai National Park with regard to the sustainable protection of the Przewalski horse population inside the Park, park management and research. Although, a very active fundraiser herself, the Foundation, nevertheless, remains dependent on the individual contributions by subscribers and incidental benefactors.

Therefore, we would ask you to join the Foundation as a permanent subscriber or to support one of the current projects by means of an incidental gift. Permanent subscribers will in return receive the annual 'Przewalski Horse Newsletter.'

A variety of fund supplying institutions did play an indispensable role in the implementation and execution of the first phase of two projects:

  1. 'The Hustai Nuruu Mountain Steppe Reserve Project (biodiversity project)' - aimed at the protection and preservation of the biological diversity in the area.
  2. 'The Reintroduction Project' - entirely focused at the building up of viable population Przewalski horses in Hustain Nuruu

Przewalski horses at Hustai National Park