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We fully rely on these present 150 takhi at Hustai National Park. We think they are a solid base for a further expansion of the population. No further imports are needed. However, only when the population will have increased to about 400 to 500 animals we are ready to be really confident about the future of these free roaming horses. All efforts to sustainable preserve this population will lead to nothing if also its habitat, Hustai National Park, enjoys no sustainable protection and is not adequately managed as well. Research, focused at management tasks, will remain essential to be able to take precautions against the dangers that may endanger the preservation of small populations of wild life species.

The Mongolians are very thankful that also thanks to your contribution the Foundation was able to bring many takhi to their heritable country. However, the task of the Foundation has not ended yet. The staff at Hustai National Park does not yet have the potentials to maintain the sustainable preservation of the Park and the takhi without help from the Foundation.

Takhi on their way in freedom


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