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Our Annual Newsletter

NewsletterThe Foundation was publisher of the annual newsletter "Przewalski Horse". It was the English pendant of the Dutch newsletter "Przewalski Paard" which was received by our Dutch speaking contributors in the Netherlands and abroad.

The Foundation for the Protection and Preservation of the Przewalski Horse has achieved its goals and takes a step back. Part of its activities will be downsized and the Hustai National Park will not be visited as frequently as before. In turn, this will reduce the input to our annual Newsletter ‘The Przewalski Horse’. For this reason the Board has decided to discontinue the Newsletter. The Przewalski Horse Newsletter of January 2008 is the last issue.

As a token of appreciation all supporters and volunteers have received a beautifully illustrated chronicle that describes the early history and many activities that have led to the realisation the Foundation’s objective.

Each issue of "Przewalski Horse" was filled with interesting facts on the free roaming Przewalski horses in Hustai National Park, research results, the new developments in park management and buffer zone development.

Besides the regularly appearing features on the lives of the Przewalski horses the immediate neighbours of the wild horses at Hustain Nuruu were not forgotten. There were gripping stories about wolves, Mongolian gazelles and other wildlife. Frequently a Dutch or Mongolian biologist wrote about his or her activities in the field.

There was also attention for the herdsmen that are living near the park ’s area, about their daily lives, their culture and traditions, their outlooks on the world and indivual lives in past and present. The text was illustrated with black-and-white pictures.

You can download the newsletter as pdf file.

Przewalski Horse, january 2008 ( pdf, 2.7 Mb)
Przewalski Horse, january 2007 ( pdf, 315 kb)
Przewalski Horse, january 2006
pdf, high resolution, 1.33 Mb / pdf low resolution, 145 kb
Przewalski Horse, january 2005 ( pdf, 180 kb)
Przewalski Horse, january 2004 ( pdf, 515 kb)