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Digital Elevation Models and Mapping

Digital Elevation Models:

Similarly, we produce Digital Elevation Models by Radargrammetry and Photogrammetry, using RADARSAT bi-incidence, ENVISAT bi-incidence, ERS/RADARSAT, ERS/ENVISAT, JERS-1/RADARSAT, JERS-1/ENVISAT, RADARSAT/ENVISAT, LANDSAT-TM/LANDSAT-ETM+, LANDSAT/SPOT, ASTER/SPOT, or SPOT, ASTER, JERS-1 OPS bi-incidence stereoscopic pairs of satellite images, etc.

To produce Digital Elevation Models, we master also Radar-Interferometry and Radar-Clinometry Techniques.

Mapping (Spatio-Maps):

UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) Map of North-Eastern Honduras and Northernmost Nicaragua (Central America), produced using two ERS-2 SAR images.

Similarly, we produce Spatio-Maps at a spatial resolution ranging from 10.0/12.5 meters to 200 meters using ERS, ENVISAT, JERS-1, RADARSAT, X-SAR, IRS, SPOT, LANDSAT, MOS, TERRA-ASTER, JERS-1 OPS and/or RESURS satellite images, etc.

A large choice of cartographic projection types, as well as 80 different Earth ellipsoids and 420 datum's, are currently available.


All techniques presented here are proprietary techniques developed by the PRIVATEERS N.V. Corporation.

Original JERS-1 data: © NASDA 1996; MITI/NASDA retains ownership of JERS-1 data;
NASDA supports PRIVATEERS N.V. in acquiring the satellite data (JERS-1 Project #675).

Original ERS-2 data: © ESA 1996 (Pilot Project PE-FRNE2).

Processed images: © PRIVATEERS N.V. 1998.

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