DEM and 3D-view (RADARSAT & LANDSAT), Cameroon 2004

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Monitoring the effects of the acridian invasion in the Sahel (2004-2005)
Support to rescue operations after hurricane "Jeanne" in Haiti (September 2004)
Support for landslides prevention in Cameroon (2003-2004)
Identification of the effects of volcano Lewotobi's eruption in Flores (September 2003)
Support to UN mitigation operations during the floods in Sudan/Eritrea (August 2003)
Support to rescue operations in El Salvador after the earthquake of January 2001
              For the first time in the history of spaceborne Earth observation, identification and
              evaluation of the damages have been delivered on-site, in real-time (within a few
              hours to a few days), to local authorities, rescue teams and humanitarian organizations.
              Operationality (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and technical ability were the keys
              of success; they contributed to save lives (the European Space Agency says).
Support to Venezuela in identifying heavy rain damages in December 1999 (PDF; 2.4 Mb)
Rehabilitation of the environment: our "Przewalski Horse" project in Mongolia (1999-2003)
A lost pre-colombian city unveiled in the jungle of Honduras (1998-1999)
Identification of Mitch hurricane damages in Honduras/Nicaragua/El Salvador (1998)
(PDF; 2.9 Mb)
Forest certification: the Best Bang since the Big One (Netherlands/Costa Rica, 1996-1999)

Landslide in San-Salvador (SPOT), 13 January 2001 Monitoring of coastal resources (ENVISAT), Gabon 2005

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Keeping a continuous intense scientific research and applications development activity in Remote Sensing, Agrometeorology, and also in some other fields..., PRIVATEERS NV has developed proprietary very advanced scientific methods, as well as industrial processing chains.

Thus, PRIVATEERS NV enables its customers to carry out with success, and then to master, a wide range of remote sensing application projects which would result:

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