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  SAR data pre-processing

  Speckle filtering in SAR imagery data

  SAR and / or optical data analysis and exploitation:
        some of our specialities

Hydric stress evolution Sep/Dec 2004 (MODIS), Senegal Topographic map and DEM (RADARSAT), Indonesia 2003

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Polarimetric speckle filtering (ALOS, HH/VV/HV) 2006 A Speckle Filtering Module for Radar (SAR) images, including all the newest adaptive speckle filtering algorithms developed by PRIVATEERS NV, is available since 2004 within SARscape, a most professional satellite image processing software package.

SARscape is fully compatible with the geomatics and GIS (Geographic Information System) software ®IDL-ENVI (Research Systems Inc.) and ®ArcView (ESRI Inc.).
SARscape supports Windows 98/NT/2000/XP and Linux 2.6 operating systems.

The filtering module provides different specific algorithms to process :

SARscape is produced and commercialized by the Swiss company SARMAP SA.
SARscape is a Registered Mark of SARMAP SA.


Adaptive speckle filtering (RADARSAT) 1997 ERS and ENVISAT satellites are operated by ESA, the European Space Agency.
JERS-1, ALOS and MOS satellites are operated by JAXA, the Japan Agency for the eXploration of Aerospace.
RADARSAT-1 satellite is operated by CSA, the Canadian Space Agency.
SIR-C is operated by NASA, the US National Air and Space Agency.
X-SAR is operated by NASA, DLR (German Space Agency) and ASI (Italian Space Agency).
TerraSAR-X is operated by InfoTerra, a subsidiary company of EADS and DLR (Germany).
SPOT satellites are operated by CNES, the French Space Agency.
IRS satellites are operated by ISA, the Indian Space Agency.
RESURS satellites are operated by the Russian Space Agency.
LANDSAT satellites are operated by NASA and by the EOSAT Company (USA).
TERRA and AQUA satellites are operated by NASA (USA) and JAXA (Japan).
IKONOS and ORBVIEW satellites are operated by the GEOEYE Company (USA).