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The trees at Sachamama ethnoboranical garden that form the upper canopy or canopy regions at lower heights have been accepted for this present selection of plants when either branch, leaf, fruit or flower was known for its medicinal application. The harvest of these parts takes place either on the ground or in the canopy, depending on the developmental stage at which they can be prepared medicinally.

The diversity of trees that is known for the medicinal applications of parts growing in the canopy region is less than that of trees known for their properties of bark and root. Efforts are being made by various individuals and organizations to increase the accessibility of the canopy region structurally, for example through the concept of camopy farming©. For information on canopy farming©, the reader is referred to Beckers & Verhoeven 1996 , Valverde 1997 ,Leenders 2000, and to the site of The Canopy Foundation.


The local name, harvested part, preparation and medicinal application of the documented trees can be read after clicking on the images surrounding this text.



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