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'Ayahuasca' refers to the combined preparation of the 'Cielo ayahuasca' vine (Banisteriopsis caapi), leaves of the 'Chacruna' shrub (Psychotria viridis) and several other plants that can differ per region and shaman. The vine is harvested after its diameter has reached a certain minimum size, which usually occurs after three years. Apart from Chacruna, the recipe followed by Shuña in Peru generally includes the older, dark-green leaves of shrubs and herbs such as Canelilla, Mucura, Sacharuna, Chiricsanango, Ajosacha and Toe. Dried leaves of Tobacco (Nicotiana spp.) are added as well. Still other plants, like epiphytes, can be chosen by a shaman as admixtures depending on who will be taking the extraction.

On many occasions, the healer and the individual that has come to be healed both take ayahuasca in each other's company. Individuals in process to become healers themselves may experience and learn with ayahuasca during periods of dieting (see also the page 'plantas maestras'). The interaction of the extraction of these plants with the human body has been defined and described from different points of view. For information covering some of these, the reader is referred to the sites listed on the 'links' page of this electronic document.

All plants that are part of the general ayahuasca mixture as prepared by Shuña, except for Tobacco, have been documented.


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