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Treebooks are freebooks.
They are published by Treemail according to the criteria of free, independent, original thinking and high quality warrented by the scientific performance of its authors.

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Treebook 1

    Struggle of Life: or the natural history of stress and adaptation.
    Martial and Line Rossignol, Roelof A.A. Oldeman and Soraya Benzine-Tizroutine. 1998.

    These distinguished researchers share a century of experience in science and publishing. Treebook 1 reflects the accumulated intellectual wealth shared by its authors.
    The 'Struggle of Life' is based on novel research and hitherto unpublished research results ... Ground breaking!

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Treebook 2

    Green Gold: on variations of truth in plantation forestry.
    Paul Romeijn; January 1999, ca 220 pp + CD-ROM.
    ISBN 90-804443-3-2 (soft cover)
    ISBN 90-804443-2-4 (hard cover)

    Green Gold explores the Internet as a tool to extract accountability from Trans Nationally operating Corporations. It exposes the collapsed Teakwood investment program of the Delta Lloyd-OHRA Insurance and Banking group and the world's largest environmental organization, WWF. Peer reviewed.

    "Compulsory" -- Prof. Dr. J.C. Centeno
    "Possibly brilliant" -- Prof. Dr. J. van Acker
    "Extremely thorough and authoritative" -- Prof. Dr. A. Heertje

    Read the review in Canada's Forestry Chonicle.
    Read the article by former WWF press officer S. Singh.
    Read the abstract from the Wageningen University.
    Go to the NRC Handelsblad (in Dutch).
    Go to the OneWorld dossier (in Dutch).

    Green Gold is available from Treemail:
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    65.- € hardback
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Treebook 3

    Chinantec shifting cultivation: InTERAcTIVE landuse.
    A case-study in the Chinantla, Mexico, on secondary vegetation, soils and crop performance under indigenous shifting cultivation.

    Hans van der Wal; November 1999, ca 162 pp.
    ISBN 90-804443-4-0 (paperback)

    Ten years of research demonstrate the soundness of indigenous slash and burn landuse practices. For this work, Hans van der Wal received his Doctor's title from the Wageningen University with distinction.

    Read the abstract from the Wageningen University.

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Treebook 4

    An exploratory study to improve the predictive capacity of the Crop Growth Monitoring System as applied by the European Commission.
    Iwan Supit; January 2000, ca 186 pp.
    ISBN 90-804443-5-9 (paperback)
    Treebook 4 is available from Treemail.

    The Crop Growth Monitoring System as applied by the European Commission is analyzed with the aim to improve its predictive qualities. Various options were researched: inclusion of economic variables, improved radiation data input and predictions on a smaller scale. These are subsequently aggregated to a higher administrative level. This last option proved to provide the most accurate results.

    Read the abstract from the Wageningen University.

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Treebook 5

    Five thousand years of sustainability?
    A case study on Gedeo land use (Southern Ethiopia).

    Tadesse Kippie Kanshie; May 2002, ca 295 pp, with 20 pages of color illustrations.
    ISBN 90-804443-6-7 (soft cover)

    This is an inside job. Kippie, a native Gedeo born of illiterate parents, describes his ancient land-use practice that feeds over 450 people/km2 in a rugged, mountainous tropical region. This is achieved without terracing, tilling or agrochemical inputs, while soil fertility and a strong performance in security of production are retained; a matter of life or death to local farmers.

    In this study Kippie argues that food- and production security are largely safeguarded by maintaining a complex, multi-rotational system with high biodiversity. In the surroundings of Dilla the staple crop Ensete ventriculosum (Welw.) E.E. Cheesman MUSACEAE plays a key-role as a pacemaker species, its cultivation in different climactical zones and its processing are described.

    Understanding this unique land use system is likely to be highly relevant to establishment or maintenance biodiversity and food security in all mountainous tropical areas of the world. Mr. Kippie, thank you for sharing your knowledge in this way, your PhD is well deserved. Peer reviewed.

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    Download an A-3 size mini-poster (stereo radar satellite image). This map requires red-green stereo glasses for 3-D viewing (Note: size is 530 kb).

    Related documents:

    • Kippie, T.; Romeijn, P.; Nezry, E.; Yakam-Simen, F.; September 2001.
      Radargrammetry helps fight hunger in Ethiopia.
      Invited paper at the 8th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of the International Society for Optical Engineering, SPIE, 17-21 September 2001, Toulouse, France, 9p.
      Download this document in '/books/.pdf' format (Note: size is 475 kb).
    • Nezry, E.; Yakam-Simen, F.; Kippie K., T.; Romeijn, P.; October 2000.
      Gedeo Zone mapping project, phase 2, final report.
      Web version, 12 p. + annexes.
      Download this document in '/books/.pdf' format (Note: size is 1.2 Mb).

Treebook 6

    Let them eat grass: Understanding pasture-finished beef cattle farms in the American Appalachians.
    Jane Shaw; June 2002, ca 82pp, with color illustrations.
    ISBN 90-804443-7-5
    From the preface:

    "The present text deserves to be studied by many who realize that the great dilemmas of land use, from the fate of the tropical rain forests to the fate of the genetically manipulated hog, have not come nearer any effective solution since at least a quarter of a century. Jane Shaw's thinking may well be one first step on a road to better conceptual notions, so sorely needed by all would-be stewards of our beautiful planet."

    Wageningen, April 6, 2002
    Dr. Roelof A.A. Oldeman
    Professor of Silviculture & Forest Ecology
    Wageningen University (NL)

    Download this book in '/books/.pdf' format (Note: size is 1.2 Mb)

Treebook 7

    Updated system description of the WOFOST crop growth simulation model as implemented in the Crop Growth Monitoring System applied by the European Commission.
    Iwan Supit and Erik van der Goot, Editors; January 2003, ca 120pp.
    ISBN 90-804443-8-3

    Access this book.
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Treebook 8

    A "Tree of liberty" for 25 years.
    25 jaar een "Boom der vrijheid".
    Liber amicorum Prof. Dr. Ir. RAA Oldeman.

    Vester, H.; Romeijn, P.; Van der Wal, H.; Editors; October 2004, ca 130pp.
    ISBN 90-804443-9-1

    A "Tree of liberty" was the title of the inaugural speech of Prof. Dr. Ir. R.A.A. Oldeman at Wageningen University where he served for 25 years. Now, following his retirement, a group of 40 distinguished authors each contributed a chapter to this book, that is a homage to this remakable scientist, his legacy and his unique personality. Contributions are English (mainly), Dutch, French and Spanish.

    "Without a doubt, Professor Oldeman is an excellent scholar who possesses an admirable personality that stimulates so many scientists all over the world. His work has proved to be very important for tropical silviculture, canopy studies, and ecology in general. The scientific community all over the world is forever in his debt.", according to the preface by Prof. Dr. C.W.P.M. Blom, Rector Magnificus of Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

    Download this book in '/books/.pdf' format (Note: size is 10 Mb).

Treemail recommends:

1. The Trees and the Forest
The role of tree architecture in canopy development; a case study in secondary forests (Araracuara, Colombia).

Dr. H.F.M. Vester
PhD Dissertation (with distinction)
University of Amsterdam, 1997
ISBN 90-5651-032-0 (ca 182 pp)

Eburon P&L
P.O. Box 2867
2601 CW Delft
The Netherlands
fax: +31 15 2146888

Please view the Prospectus 'The Trees and the Forest'

2. Forestry for mitigating the greenhouse effect
An ecological and economic assessment of the potential of land use to mitigate CO2 emissions in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico.

Dr. B.H.J. de Jong
PhD Dissertation
Wageningen University, 2000
ISBN 90-5808-266-0 (220 pp)