The Trees and the Forest

The role of tree architecture in canopy development; a case study in secondary forests (Araracuara, Colombia)

By: Dr. H.F.M. Vester

Forest management must be based on ecological processes. For most forest users the development and dynamics of the canopy is the central theme. It determines directly the development and form of the pilars that hold up the canopy, and to a great deal the presence or absence of its inhabitants. Therefore this book analyses the complex interaction between crown development of individual trees and the formation and dynamics of the canopy.

Many important ecological concepts are discussed, among them, competition, niches, and the forest light climate.

Tree Architecture

    Including architectural analysis of the following species:
    Vismia macrophylla Kunth,
    Vismia japurensis Reichardt,
    Vismia glaziovii Ruhland,
    Vismia laxiflora Reichardt,
    Vismia Sandwithii Ewan,
    Miconia poeppigii Triana,
    Miconia prasina (Sw.) DC.,
    Miconia minutiflora (Bonpl.) DC.,
    Miconia myriantha Triana,
    Bellucia grossularioides Triana,
    Cecropia ficifolia Snethl.,
    Cecropia distachya Huber,
    Cecropia sciadophylla Mart.,
    Clathrotropis macrocarpa Ducke,
    Jacaranda copaia Mart. ex DC. ssp. spectabilis (Mart. ex DC.) Gentry,
    Cordia exaltata Lam.,
    Ocotea oblonga Mez

Forest Architecture
Light Dynamics in the Forest (by H.F.M. Vester & R.A.A. Oldeman)
Tree Temperaments
Diagnosis and Design
Abstracts in Dutch, Spanish and English.

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