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Treemail is an advisory company and publishing house that works on strategic issues in international development and remote sensing. The Treebooks series set a benchmark for independent, high quality scientific thinking and research. Over the past 12 months we welcomed 135,000 visitors to our website who downloaded 35 Gb-s of information.

Treemail delivers both contract research and strategic advice. Upon request of the Dutch Remote Sensing Board (BCRS) we surveyed remote sensing related technologies for forestry applications and advised on a future strategy for coordinating these research activities in The Netherlands. Treemail helped formulate the European Space Agency's strategy and Ministerial Resolution on its relation with developing nations in the fields of science, earth observation and telecommunication. Treemail assisted Privateers NV in numerous remote sensing operations, including disaster relief services in the case of hurricanes (see ESA), for victims of an earthquake in El Salvador (see BBC), and floods (see Parbleu/CSA). As a result of an intensive Privateers NV and Treemail research program, timber volumes can now be estimated directly from satellite images.

Treemail offers complete web design and authoring services. Since June 2000, Treemail is webmaster of the European Tropical Forest Research Network, ETFRN. Another site we built is the International Vocational Training Centre IPC de Groene Ruimte (in Dutch). We also developed the site for the preservation of the Przewalski horse, recommended by H.R.H. Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands. For more information see the section on webdesign.

Treemail has built up a strong reputation on the subject of certification of forest management and forest products and the introduction of a number of such initiatives in the European market. Treemail facilitated the strategic Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Objectives e-conference, an initiative sposored by DFID-FRP (UK). Research on strategic implications of information and communication technologies for international forestry and education has been published in e.g. the (US) Journal of Forestry. Treemail helped instigate and fund the Chair for (forest) canopy sciences at the University of Amsterdam.

Treemail funded and published a dissertation entitled Green Gold as Treebook 2. This is a study about the use of the Internet as a tool and as an instrument of scientific research. The study researches in depth a case of international 'green investment' and the certification of its forest management as accredited under the Forest Stewardship Council, FSC. It contains fundamental implications for professional ethics. The research has led to alteration of investment cash-flows in the order of several hundred million Euros per year and to contract research in support of forensic authorities and KPMG in The Netherlands.

Media exposure includes:

TV ARD-1, Germany
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Radio Catolica, Ecuador (live)
Radio EO's Tijdsein (live)
Radio KRO's Dingen die gebeuren
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Radio Saba, N.A. (live)

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