Paul's CV

Treemail is a vanguard company that strives to retain order in communication and information services for international development. The company has a positive track record regarding public media.

Treemail's Director; Dr. Ir. Paul Romeijn was born in 1955 in Kuala Belait, Brunei Darussalam. As a member of an internationally oriented family he grew up in three continents. He studied bio-physics at the University of Amsterdam for a period of 3 years and, in 1980, initiated an academic study at the Agricultural University of Wageningen. From this university he received B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD. degrees in 1984, 1988, 1999 respectively. The main orientations of this study were in tropical silviculture, forest management and cross-cultural psychology and the study included an apprenticeship at the CATIE research station in Costa Rica. He has since worked with the FAO on the coordination of agroforestry projects in the high Andean region and with the International Union of Forest Research Organization's headquarters in Vienna as a researcher of donor agencies' funding criteria for tropical research programs. Upon his return in The Netherlands he founded Treemail; an advisory company for international development strategy that works in close collaboration with Privateers N.V. remote sensing specialists and PT Ekokon Nusantara environmental advisors. His Ph.D. research on the "variations of truth" explores the use of the Internet as a tool for scientific research.

He has advised the Netherlands Remote Sensing Board on the coordination and execution of remote sensing research of tropical forests on numerous occasions. He represented The Netherlands in the working group that drafted the European Space Agency's policy and the related Ministerial resolution on developing countries' needs in telecommunication, earth observation and space research. He has provided direct or editorial contributions to studies by the EU's DG XI, the Greens in the European Parliament, ACIAR strategic planning for the CIFOR tropical forest research institute of the CGIAR and academic workshops in The Netherlands and abroad. Privateers N.V. and Treemail have been selected to work on data of the TRMM satellite of the Japanese Space Agency, NASDA, and the American Space Agency, NASA, on a project that was peer reviewed and which the NASDA Science Director depicted as being of 'extremely high quality' and 'vital to the TRMM program'.

Paul Romeijn is Vice-President of the Canopy Foundation (Stichting het Kronendak), first honorary member of RAFE, member of ETFRN, IFF and Siliwangi, and former treasurer of the EnviX Foundation. He is the author of dozens of publications in the field of international forestry as, e.g., in the US Journal of Forestry and publisher of 'The struggle of life', a book by Rossignol, Rossignol, Oldeman and Benzine-Tizroutine, and the other Treebooks.

At Wageningen University he was co-supervisor for a PhD research on the land use system of the Gedeo in the Southern Ethiopian highlands and was committee member for the PhD examination of a study on forest planning in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. He is regularly consulted or interviewed by the press on the subjects of tropical forests and the environment, for televised, radio and written media, both within The Netherlands and abroad. In addition, he works on furthering the development of sound reproduction electronics and advises on the enhancement of recording acoustics and equipment.

Professional travel:
Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands Antilles, Peru, Poland, Spain, Surinam, Switzerland, UK, USA, Venezuela.

Dutch, English, German, Spanish, French.