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Background projects

Restoration of the original steppe ecosystem and sustainable management of the Park

Black storkTo this day a total 41 different mammal species, two amphibious species, three reptile species and over a 130 different insect species have officially been recorded inside the National Park. Some of these species, such as Przewalski's horse, Mongolian gazelle, wolf, Corsac fox, the Pallas cat or manul and several rare bird species (black vulture, demoiselle crane and great bustard), are literally on the verge of global extinction. All in all Hustai National Park harbours a broad variety of ecosystems, in which a great diversity of animal and plant species prosper.

In 2003 Hustai National Park Trust was established, a non-profit independent Non Governmental Organisation (NGO). Nature management and sustainable protection of a National Park is a very costly affair. The income which the Park gets from visitors and tourist are by far not enough to cover all expenses. The Foundation will continue to financially support the staff of Hustai National Park in its strive for sustainable protection of the Park and its inhabitants. Financial support from other donors is also necessary to guarantee prolongation of research activities and the protection of the temporary routes of migrating herbivores like the Mongolian gazelles and Argali sheep.