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An overview of future projects

Hustai National Park

The futureOnly good Park management can guarantee the enduring protection and preservation of its wildlife and freely roaming Przewalski horses. In January 2004 the Dutch Ministry of International Cooperation will end its the financial support to the Hustai Biodiversity Project. Yet, Hustai National Park is still not in the position to solve its annually returning exploitation costs. Fortunately, the Netherlands Embassy in Beijing will subsidize a part of the annual costs for five consecutive years. This gives Hustai's staff ample opportunity to extend its facilities for ecotourism, from which most of its future income will be derived.

During Hustai's founding phase Mongolia's ministry of nature and environment prove itself a dedicated and loyal partner. Although the Ministry has bound itself to annual financial support for the country's National Parks, the actual amount of money it can spend will be quite marginal. The Ministry has little money, so international financial support will be vital after the termination of the subsidy from the Netherlands.

Enduring protection of Hustai's Przewalski horse population and the research activities that have been initiated around this population will remain very important. Therefore, the Foundation will continue its annual financial contribution. For this purpose the Foundation has founded the 'Hustain Nuruu National Park Foundation' in 1997. This newly for an indefinite time active foundation will be mostly raising funds for the financial support of sustainable nature conservation and for the management of Hustai National Park in its strive to accomplish its goals. Financial support from old and new subscribers will remain vital in this.

Buffer Zone

The year 2004 will see the start of a project targeted at the buffer zone around Hustai National Park. In its first two years the Dutch Ministry of International Cooperation will finance the buffer zone project. A great problem is the present overexploitation of Mongolia's pastoral grounds. The steppe around Hustai suffers also from this dilemma. In close cooperation with the Buffer Zone Council and the staff of Hustai National Park a management plan was devised. Point of departure is the involvement of the primary users of the steppe, the herdsmen. To render the project executable and to enable the payment of the guiding experts the Netherlands Embassy in Beijing was approached for financial back up. The reaction by the Embassy has been very positive: they are willing to give some extra financial support.

New publication

In 2004 a new book by the joined Mongolian-Dutch staff on the results of the Przewalski horse reintroduction project and the biodiversity project will be published.