Maxillaria sp.


The genus Maxillaria of ca. 600 spp. is largely unnatural, with minor genera such as Trigonidium, Mormolyca, Chrysocycnis, and Cryptocentrum nested within. Maxillaria includes both reward-offering and rewardless species; M. parviflora and M. coccinea offer nectar droplets on the surface of their lips for example.

Flach A, Dondon RC, Singer RB, Koehler S, Amaral Mdo C, Marsaioli AJ (2004) The chemistry of pollination in selected Brazilian Maxillariinae orchids: floral rewards and fragrance. J Chem Ecol 30(5): 1045-56

Maxillaria sp. (nasuta/crassifolia) & Maxillaria sp. (parviflora)


Oncidium cebolleta


Polystachya sp. (stenophylla/caracasana)


An example of an orchid species with small flowers