Anthurium spp. & Philodendron spp.


The following introductory quotes are from: Mayo, SJ, Bogner, J, Boyce, PC (1997) The Genera of Araceae. RBG Kew, 370 p.

“True epiphytes, which never become connected to the ground by feeder roots, are found in the genera Anthurium and Philodendron. The seeds presumably germinate directly on the host tree after dispersal by birds or other animals. Many species of Anthurium sect. pachyneurium and some Philodendron species are litter basket epiphytes; the large leaves form an inverted cone in which leaf litter and other debris accumulate and into which the roots grow and ramify in a dense mass.“


Philodendron spruceanum • Cipó Ambé & Heteropsis sp. • Cipó Titica

The aerial roots of Philodendron spruceanum (Cipó Ambé) and Heteropsis sp. (Cipó Titica) could be part of a sustainable system of forest management by being able to provide rattan-like materials (1). Both species are used medicinally according to local guides at Amazonat.

(1) Whitehead, BW, Godoy, R (1991) The extraction of rattan-like lianas in the new world tropics: a possible prototype for sustainable forest management. Agroforestry Systems 16(3): 247-255