Remarkable Plants @Amazonat


Welcome to some of the remarkable plants at Amazonat in the Amazon! Through the pictures on these pages you will get a glimpse of the many delightful shapes and colours that tropical plants grow into and reflect. Furthermore, their ornamental, nutritional and especially medicinal properties are introduced in the text accompanying the pictures. References for further reading are also provided. Large and smaller trees, lianas, epiphytes, shrubs and annuals are amongst this selection of plants with a wide range of potential uses other than timber. Medicinal properties are focused on to highlight this diversity, which seems to demand a type of land-use such as agroforestry rather than monoculture to fully address and maintain its potential.

Browsing these pages is possible through the frame on the right. All plants are organized alphabetically according to family, genus and species. Double-click on the small pictures belonging to each plant to see a larger version. It will disappear again by clicking on the original small picture. We hope you enjoy these pages!


Last update and revision: November 2006, by Anne Visscher